Previous Projects

#WhatBakingCanZoom Zoom Waitress Musical

#WhatBakingCanZoom Cast

Designing Game Art

Directing ‘Neverland’

Neverland was written by Julian Butler and distributed by Theatre for Young Audiences.

‘Neverland’ by Chantel Pinnow (2019)

New Work: ‘Stupid Humans’

Stupid Humans was an original musical written by Jorge Rivera-Herrans. A class was offered in the fall of 2018 to workshop the piece before its premiere at Notre Dame in the spring of 2019.

Stupid Humans (2019)

Patti LuPone in Concert: ‘Don’t Monkey with Broadway’

On April 20, 2018, award-winning actress Patti LuPone performed at The University of Notre Dame as a part of their Presenting Artists concert series.

Performing with Patti LuPone (2018)

Game Design: Video Games + Storytelling

The collaborative video game design ‘The Woman from the South’ was unveiled as a conceptual design at the 2018 Saint Mary’s Research Symposium.

Presenting at the Saint Mary’s Symposium (2018)

New Work: ‘Once a Belle…’

Once a Belle… was a production created and produced in tandem with the Tectonic Theater Project at Saint Mary’s College in 2017. Using Tectonic’s ‘moment work’ technique, the cast created and produced the script from student’s stories.

Once a Belle… Creative Team (2017)

Zoot Theatre Company: Puppetry Workshop

The Zoot Theatre Company is a non-profit production and design company that specializes in puppets and masks. Educational classes and workshops covering performance to design are offered through the company. Teaching puppetry workshops was a part of the 2017 internship with the company.

New Work: ‘Lucky, Liar, Loser’

Saint Mary’s College premiered Lucky, Liar, Loser, written by Casey Whitaker, in 2017. Casey Whitaker was the 2017 Margaret M. Hill Endowed Visiting Artist in Residence at Saint Mary’s College. Through the lens of nine women, the show discusses the various struggles and triumphs in the aftermath of sexual assault and abuse.

Directing Premiere: ‘Prognosis’

Theatre majors at Saint Mary’s College are expected to present a scene as a part of their final directing project. ‘Prognosis’ was written, directed, and produced by Stephanie Johnson.

Prognosis (2017)

Taking Flight in Censored on Final Approach

In the 2016 production Censored on Final Approach, cast members were able to get a hands on experience flying a plane from take off to touch down.

Censored on Final Approach (2016)